back to windows... 11!

 i guess i'm just a microsoft plebeian because i went back to windows about around a month after the last post. it's windows 11, and contrary to what people say, it's not bad at all. it's bloated, but you can uninstall some stuff with a third-party application.

that being said, linux is still a great alternative. it's just not super supported by my favorite apps and such and is a little awkward to get used to, so it's not for me. but it could be for you, so give it a shot. there are plenty of revisions and versions of linux.

also, i caved in and bought a steam deck! i've been researching about it and i've purchased one. it's gonna be real fun playing steam/pc games on the go. i wonder what i will be doing with it when i get it...

anyways that's all. i will see you later (hopefully soon!)

- camryn185

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