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the return

hello everyone, i have returned. so how about some updates, huh? i recently made the big switch from windows 10 to linux mint 21, and so far, it's been great. some problems arose here and there, but overall it's been a good time. i like the fact that it's open-source and lightweight (at least linux mint is...) and i've had some experience with linux before with a raspberry pi 3 and 4, so the terminal and the file system wasn't completely foreign to me. i'm kind of glad i shook things up a bit with my computer's operating system, it was getting a bit drab over at windows, and it's always nice to learn something new. i'm also planning on using my drawing tablet i got for my birthday more. it's been sitting there collecting dust, so i think it's about time to bust it out and give it a shot again, last time i used it i was put off by the way it felt to draw and not have a screen attached to it (yeah it's one of those 'no-screen' drawi