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i played a pretty damn good homebrew game

so i played a ps1 homebrew game called "Magic Castle" by Kaiga on my raspberry pi and i was blown away. i was expecting a small project, but i was pleasantly surprised at how addicting it was. usually homebrew games (or games made in a bedroom from some guy named Stuart) don't really have much replay value and are seen as one-off titles for developers to just dip their toes into a system's architecture. but magic castle was actually pretty damn fun. the premise is this: you can choose between 4 classes, a knight, a wizard, a fighter and an archer. each class has their own attributes and playing styles, but they all do the job well. you can play with 3 other friends, and once you start the game you will be thrusted into a castle floor. the fun part is that each castle floor is randomized! so each play is going to be different than the last, in the game you fight different monsters, whether it be slimes, bats, or random jerboa-lookin-things. and you gain money or experi

the beginning

welcome to my blog! well... here it is! after a year of owning my domain, i finally sat down and figured out how the whole 'maintaining a website' thing. this is the blog part of the website where i'll post random things about my day. there won't be a schedule because i'm just that  fucking crazy, so you'll have to visit every once and a while. that's all for now, i'll see you next time. - camryn185